On Courthouse Steps

48″x48,” hand-quilted

On Courthouse Steps is a series of 4 quilts that use the traditional ‘courthouse step’ block pattern to discuss themes of injustice within the ‘justice’ system. Each quilt follows the same pattern, using colour and material to speak to themes of racism, gender and disability discrimination and Indigenous sovereignty. Plant-based dyes are used throughout, representing abundance.

On Courthouse Steps, September 17-December 31, Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre

Colours Of Us


Cotton, hand-dyed, plant dyes: sumac, black walnut shells and hulls, avocado, yellow onion

Many Ways Of Being


Cotton, clothing, hand-dyed, plant dyes: buckthorn leaves and berries, red cabbage, yellow onion, avocado, logwood, goldenrod



Cotton, denim, monks cloth, cellophane, hand-dyed, plant dyes

Honouring Treaty


Cotton, cyanotype print, hand-dyed, plant dyes: willow, black walnut, sumac, buckthorn, curly dock, stinging nettle, black beans, red cabbage, mulberry