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  • Change Of Plans

    Change Of Plans

    3’x9′, Mixed Media, 2021 In collaboration with Lauren Prousky for Co-Create Residency 2021 Apophenia, the tendency to perceive meaningful connection between unrelated things, was originally thought to be a symptom of schizophrenia. Later, it was realized that at its most fundamental level, apophenia is simply a symptom of having a human brain and being alive.…

  • From Behind The Mask

    From Behind The Mask

    A Community Quilt of COVID-19 Stories www.frombehindthemask-quilt.comProject initiated and led by Brenda Reid From Behind the Mask is a large-scale community artwork focussing on our collective – yet individual – experiences of the coronavirus pandemic. Launched in October 2020, everyone who self-identified as a member of the Waterloo Region Tri-City community was invited to submit…