This House Was Built In The ’20s

8″x10,” 2022
12 in series
(In private collection)

Description: brick monotype on paper, rice paper, watercolour paper, house paint, acrylic paint, pencil crayon, oil pastel, chalk pastel, ink, cotton embroidery thread

The series explores the idea that walls hold and absorb our stories, layered and fragmented, throughout their lives. The 12 works represent locations in a fictional, but recognizable, house.

“Behind The Bookcase”
“Between The Back Windows”
“Where The Afternoon Sun Greets The Hallway”
“Beside The Lightswitch”
“Between Upstairs & Downstairs”
“By The Foot Of The Stairs”
“Near The Crack In The Plaster”
“Next To The Tomato Sauce”
“Above The Baseboard”
“Where The Door Hits The Wall”
“Behind The Dish Pile”
“Under The Bathroom Sink”