Underlay, 2024
Dimensions variable, 53x 4′ hexagonal quilt blocks (~12’x65′ when installed in one piece)
Vapour barrier, roofing underlay, tuck tape, brass grommets, releasable zip-ties, pop rivets, spray paint.

This large-scale outdoor modular quilt explores gender-queerness, domestic product (quilts), and architectural space through quilt-architectural forms. The work creates space through public installation for gender diversity and beyond binaries creative expression through architecture and quilted forms.

Special thanks to Jude Akrey as the artist’s assistant

This project represents one strain of research in a larger body of work “quilt-chitectures” financially supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Photo by artist

Rest: A Community Nap

February 17, 2024,
Bechtel Park, Waterloo, ON
Photo by Phi Doan
Photo by Phi Doan
Drone video still, Ben Gorodetsky
Photo by Bangishimo


Video still, by artist
Photo by Jude Akrey